Tips to Boost your Immune System

The body’s immune system is a remarkable thing. When functioning well, it is silently protecting us for invasions of viruses, bacteria and other harmful elements. Occasionally, one of these invaders makes it past our defenses and then we experience illness.

If you are currently experiencing an illness, see your doctor. While scientists still don’t know everything about how our immune system functions, there are some strategies you can follow to boost your immune system.

The first step in boosting your immune system is to make healthy lifestyle choice. Because the body functions as a system, achieving and maintaining balance within that system is a great strategy for good overall health.

• If you smoke, quit.

• Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Keep saturated fats to a minimum and include plenty of whole grains.

• Have a regular exercise program

• Control you weight and blood pressure

• Drink alcohol in moderation only

• Ensure regular and adequate sleep

• Practice frequent hand-washing and avoid those that are ill when possible

• Have regular medical check-ups

• Reduce and manage stress

Dietary Habits

Those who live in impoverished countries and suffer from malnutrition are known to be more susceptible to disease. But, even in wealthy countries, there is a prevalence of micronutrient malnutrition. Research has indicated a strong link to certain vitamins and minerals and a stronger immune system. If you feel you may not be receiving enough nutrients in your diet, ask a doctor about supplementing your diet with the following vitamins and minerals.
• Selenium. Current medical research suggests that a low selenium level may increase risk for certain types of cancer.

• Vitamin A. It is an established scientific fact that deficiency in vitamin A results in impaired immunity to infectious diseases.

• Vitamin B2. It is still unclear the role that vitamin B2 plays in human immunity, but studies have shown an increased resistance in mice to bacteria.

• Vitamin B6. There is some evidence that vitamin B6 may play a role in the restoration of immune response to certain germs.

• Vitamin C. it is believed that vitamin C works with other important nutrients to boost the immune system.

• Vitamin D. Decades ago, it was discovered that tuberculosis patients improved when exposed to sunlight. Our skin produces vitamin D in sunlight.

• Zinc. Zinc is responsible for promoting the function of certain immune cells, but can hinder immune function if too much zinc is taken.

A Nice Picture That Explain How The Immune System Works

How Immune System works

Herbal Supplements

Because of the unique qualities of each person’s immune system, and the wide variety of concentrations present in herbal supplements, it has been difficult for researchers to prove the benefits of herbal remedies. Before you begin use of any herbs, seek medical advice. Some natural remedies that may boost you immune system include:

• Echinacea
• Garlic
• Ginseng
• Licorice root
• Probioitics
• Your health is everything.

Be sure to follow medical advice when suffering from any illness. Ask a doctor if these tips will work for you.